Alezzandria Nikóla R.
Submitted 08/31/22
I came to BOBHW after experiencing excruciating nerve and spine pain due to 5 herniated disks which were the result of a fall. Dr. Chldryan, Dr. Kaliko, and Dr. Nina were able to fix my back and as a result I am now able to run, hike, walk, sleep without any pain, and for that I am grateful. Dr. Chldryan, Dr. Kaliko and Dr. Nina are great doctors. They are knowledgeable and professional. Each has unique abilities and i am glad I got to work with the three of them. Office The office is clean (really clean), modern, beautiful, and peaceful. Dmitry (the receptionist) is welcoming and professional.

Margarita S.
Submitted 12/06/21
Amazing staff. The best people work here. All professional.

Robert W.
Submitted 12/06/21
GREAT EXPERIENCE Ugh, this is one of those reviews that I hate to write, because I fear it won’t be as easy to book an appointment lol ! I recently went in for treatments of CFR (Cranial Facial Release) … or what I like to call nose ballooning 🙂 To be honest, I had pretty messed up breathing passages so I would say I experienced more discomfort than normal for this. However, as the treatments went on they became much more manageable and the results have been really great! It took until the last treatment to really make a SIGNIFICANT change in my breathing / deviated septum. However, throughout the entire process Dr. Kaliko was super chill, accommodating, and professional. He definitely has the touch. Certain doctors you can just tell by how they interact with patients and the way the work. I’m definitely glad I chose him to do this work. He’s very personable. I felt very comfortable the whole time and felt like he really knew what he was doing. Also, shout out to his team for having some really fantastic front desk workers. Some folks underestimate the power of the first impression. And the team here definitely brought their “A” games. Kindness, consideration, and super friendly. Greatly appreciated! I’ll definitely be back for more. Excited to get more traditional chiropractic work done and maybe I’ll report back again after that as well. The good reviews are well deserved, and I’m just here to add another one.

Thach P.
Submitted 12/06/21
Before my first appointment with Dr. Kaliko, I had difficulty just getting out of bed. In order for me to get my day started, I had to crawl out of bed and stretch around on the floor until I could handle the pain of standing up. I truly can not say enough about how much I appreciate all the help that Dr.Kaliko and his staff provided. From the moment I went in, pricing, appointments check in and all the treatments were explained carefully and in a welcoming and professional manner. Having my back adjusted by Dr.Kaliko and learning proper stretches and exercises during treatment, have greatly improved my condition. My posture, back pain and tight muscles have improved dramatically. I’m happy with the results and with how much better I feel everyday

Terry S.
Submitted 12/06/21
Dr. Chldryan is very knowledgeable, caring and supportive. The office I’m is extreme to clean, comfortable, and modern. The staff is friendly, helpful and the cost of services are more than reasonable. They even offer monthly membership for adjustments and massages. I have a very demanding and physical job, and previously been involved in a car accident. I find it so important to see Dr.Ruben for chiropractic adjustments and other treatments to keep me feeling healthy.

Belia W.
Submitted 12/06/21
I hurt my back on a Saturday and called many offices. Dr. Chldryan was the only one who made time to see me at the end of his day. His adjustments were perfect and I was feeling better upon walking out of her clinic. Three days later all the soreness was gone. Thank you Dr. Chldryan . I will go to no one else in the future

Kate D.
Submitted 01/08/21
Dr. Kaliko is a miracle worker! I woke up one day not being able to move and he fixed me right up, and I’ve been going back for maintenance ever since. He has all of the newest technology and applies great technique to his practice. Highly recommended!!

Sara S.
Submitted 01/07/21
I wasn’t aware of how much could be accomplished and healed through chiropractic work until I started coming here. Dr. Kaliko is so knowledgeable and has many ways of healing. The difference is night and day so for me I went from unsure to a twice a week patient and my sports injuries no longer hold me back. Could not recommend this practice more!!!

Karlygash A.
Submitted 09/17/20
Dr. Kaliko is the best! He is very knowledgeable, he relieved so much pain for me and made my life easier! I had my mood improved because my body feels at ease and I got more flexible faster as know I can focus on my breathing and being in my body instead of getting negative emotions boiling and driving me crazy because of natural body’s response to pain or stiffness. I highly recommend Dr. Kaliko! Also people please ask him additional questions, whatever is hurting just ask him, he has solutions and deep knowledge for everything! I randomly asked about his foot scanning machine in the office and ended up with personal insoles which I swear made me believe I can live full life again! It released my back pain from walking and now I hike 7-8 miles a day and doing sports, it changed my life. I keep coming to the office and my plan is to get fully flexible body and joints, no pain, no strain, no stiffness. Full flow and eventually life

Lori D.
Submitted 04/07/20
DR. MICHAEL KALIKO HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! For almost 40 years, I have struggled with scoliosis which caused pinching nerves and restricted movement. I have seen numerous chiropractors and therapists and learned to live with the pain. I started to be treated by Dr. Kaliko 2 years and 5 months ago. I am feeling better at 67 than I have since I was 20. ¬TMJ I had been experiencing Jaw pain, headaches and teeth grinding for over 40 years I’ve worn night guards for years…… Had Inner mouth massages Tried Botox injections at the jaw site Nothing helped for more than a couple of weeks. I asked Dr. Kaliko if he could help me….he said that he could fix it within 1-4 treatments and he has! I threw out the night guard! I no longer have jaw pain and I no longer grind my teeth. I have had several tooth implants due to the years of grinding and I am hopeful that I won’t need any more. SCOLIOSIS Dr. Kaliko gives me treatments and has taught me specific exercises that I do in his offices with his guidance to improve range of motion and strengthen the weak areas. I no longer have nerve pain anywhere for the first time in years. I get stronger every week. CRANIAL FACIAL RELEASE In 2019, the doctor completed his training in CFR. I asked to be the first patient to try the treatment. I have had trouble breathing normally and have been snoring for many years…… I did the protocol of 6 treatments in 10 days I can now breathe freely and I no longer snore…… My husband is really happy that he no longer has to wear ear plugs to bed. My hearing has improved as well as my vision and taste buds It works on all of your senses…. As an added bonus…… my wrinkles smoothed out because my whole face is more relaxed. Dr. Kaliko is an extremely kind, compassionate and patient man as well as a great doctor. He really cares about all of his patients and goes above and beyond to help us all live without pain.. I am more fit and feel better than have since I was 20. I’m not afraid to travel and try new activities. I am able to live life to the fullest. THANK YOU DR KALIKO! Lori S.

Anita Y.
Submitted 02/19/20
Terrance is aboslutely wonderful and great at his job. He is an asset to your office.

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